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The outlook for the next two decades in tech

Everybody likes to indulge in forecasting about the future, regardless of whether they’re seated on a couch or employed as a business analyst. The predictions might range the array from what’s going to happen tonight, bitcoin’s rate at the conclusion of the year, the precise date of judgment day and so on. Now, visualize 2030—2040 for a second, and picturize what you can think will be a reality in this decade. 

Whether you see a dystopian society akin to Aldous Huxely’s Brave New World, a Mad-Max styled desert, or perhaps you see a world a lot like ours today, only better. Now think about it, as far as a couple of decades back, these tech revolutions such as Internet-of-things, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality were things that even the most advanced and forward thinking tech professionals viewed as fantasy from science fiction, and presently they have already become an integral part of our daily lives. 

In this blog spot by AICorespot, we want to talk to you about the expected, but nonetheless thrilling, changes in the planet’s future in various spheres. This blog article will function as your time machine that will give you a sneak peek into what the future will appear like.  


Being employed at a body-parts factory might become a really typical thing in approximately a decade from now. And listed here are some job positions of the future: 

AI Engineer 

It’s likely obvious that the biggest thing you have to tackle in this occupation is Artificial Intelligence. You’d be accountable for undertaking deployment of AI models into production, undertaking analysis of the most appropriate relevant artificial intelligence research, predicting the utilization of their utilization, etc. And if Skynet conquers the planet, we’ll only have ourselves to blame.  

Robotics Technology Specialist 

As a child, did you have a proclivity to construct LEGO Bionicle robots? If this is the case, the profession of a robotics engineering technician is appropriate for you. Your primary tasks would be constructing, maintaining, and fixing robots. Although achieving these tasks need something more than only the capacity to construct LEGOs, you will most probably still wind up attaching differing plastic parts to one another. Just ensure to obtain a relevant educational qualification as well, you’ll be required to be a specialist in programming and possess engineering skills in electromechanics. Who knows, perhaps your robot could ultimately author a symphony to bring an end to all of these dated memes. 


With the progression of advanced nanotechnology, the domain of medicine is also undergoing a paradigm shift rapidly. Nanomedicine is becoming very popular currently. Every healthcare professionals such as doctors might be substituted by those medical specialists who can manage healthcare problems at a molecular and submolecular level. Although, they wouldn’t assist you with your hypochondriasis anyways. 

Body-part maker 

This job leads the top 10 jobs of the future by 2030 list. And there is not a thing that is weird about it, as 3D printed body parts provide an avenue to save millions upon millions of lives. As a side note, it’s forecasted that in the not very far off future body-part makers will be capable of developing so-called “cyber organs” (body parts with the particular sensors that can transmit data with regards to their functional capabilities). 

Space-pilots and space-tour guides 

The revolutionary advancements in the space travel domain will create an explosion of these fascinating and novel jobs. Who knows, perhaps in several decades, you might be able to take a quick trip around the solar system and be back home in time for dinner.  



The revolutionary advancement that is nearest to us is predicted to be the “Hyperloop” a “vacuum railroad” with the tubular system that shoots pod-like capsules between destinations at speeds in excess of 1,200 kmph. The notion was initially put forth by Elon Musk in 2014 was perceived as being too far off into the future. A California-based startup is working on hyperloops as we speak. These hyperloops are being constructed all around the planet, in the USA, UAE, Indonesia, France, the Czech Republic and more! Ukraine has lately joined the party. On the 14th of June, 2020, Ukranian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian and CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Dirk Alhborn authorized a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on the Hyperloop project. It is predicted that Hyperloop will be completely functional in four years from now, by the year 2025. 

Spaceports in Skyscrapers 

Presently scientists and researchers are working on very strong carbon-based materials like graphene. They intend to utilize them in the construction of new-age skyscrapers up to 24 miles (38 kilometres) high. These massive structures are predicted to be adopted as spaceports for upcoming interplanetary journey we are going to take by the year 2045. 

Autonomous Cars 

In a couple of decades from now, owning a car with no autonomous driving capacities will be akin to owning a horse. Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea. Elon Musk stated during Tesla’s Q3 earnings call in 2015, that he fully believe that they would be. Although owning a horse is a lot more interesting than owning a traditional boring car, tech heavyweights like Google and Uber might disagree as they are already intending to bring out autonomous cars in tandem and in collaboration with traditional automakers such as Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen.  


Smart Pills 

The FDA has authorized the first smart pill that undertakes tracking of drug regimen compliance from the inside for leveraging in the USA, and it is forecasted that in the upcoming 5-7 years these pills will be capable of transmitting the state of your health to mobile phones and other electronic devices, so you could be aware for sure if it’s only a hangover, or kidney failure. 

3D Printing Cells 

The team of University of Utah biomedical engineers has produced a strategy, that facilitates 3D printers to generate human tissue like ligaments or tendons. “This is a strategy in a really controlled fashion to develop a pattern and organizations of cells that you couldn’t develop with historical technologies,”, scientists and researchers state with regards to the printing procedure. As the strategy will be evolving, it might facilitate us to obtain substitutes of human tissues and even organs without waiting for the organ donor for the next decade. 

The human being of tomorrow 

Without a doubt the swift advancement of these technologies considerably influences the way in which we live. It is predicted that in a decade from now, persons will encounter a ton of changes that will transform their bodies, thinking process and behaviour. Here are some of the advancements in this domain: 

Super skills 

Specialists predict the development of microchips that would make persons intelligent and exo-suits that would provide people maximum strength. We already have a functional prototype in Ukraine. Further, it’s predicted that contact lenses of the future will feature the capacity to capture photos and take videos. 

Unprecedented empathy 

Owing to VR technologies, persons would be capable of meticulously analysing the effects of their behaviour and comprehend what other individuals feel. Owing to neural interfaces, persons might be able to transmit their emotions and comprehension of situations and scenarios right to another individual’s brain. Then the state will make these things compulsory one day and you might find yourself unexpectedly kind. 

Extra personalization 

In the not-too-far-off future, personalization might become the critical thing in every aspect of our lives. This is good news for marketing managers: asides from data about the location and historical purchases of their customers, they would be capable to leverage specialist “emotional filters” which are able to alter the “tone” of the messaging according to the customer’s mood. Imagine getting an inspirational job offer following a bad day, or a sad notification with regards to sales when at a funeral. 

Complete Robotization 

It is predicted that in a decade from now, by 2030, robots will replace nearly 800 million human workers. This might come as quite a shock to someone. It’s about time to develop a wall from these filthy robots, and they, will pay for it! Further, in half a decade from now, the board of directors in each country might consist of at least a singular AI vehicle, scientists forecast. Are you ok with giving up your CEO position in favour of a robot? A robotic entity might even be your boss.  

Every successful technical 

Owing to the development of customized software solution, your ideal team takes into consideration all the features, business procedures, protocol and wishes. Owing to this, your business project gets the competitive edge. 

High-tech religion 

Four years back, in 2017, the nefarious Anthony Levandowski specified to journalists from Wired regarding his intention to develop a new church, called the Way of the Future. The primary idea behind this religion is that with the progression of AI, it would become an omnipotent entity. The AI would be all-knowing and the populace would confer upon it god-status. AI would be viewed as a “computer messiah.” 

You might be fascinated by the incredible prospects that are in tow for us tomorrow, we will make an effort to summarize. Unlike widespread speculation on the topic, instances provided in this material are not only quite probable, but additionally, practically ready, or at the very least their implementation doesn’t appear to be impossible. A few them of might incite enthusiasm, others – promote distrust and fear.  

If you’re reading this article, it is virtually guaranteed that you will encounter these advancements in technologies in one manner or another. And it’s in your self interest to prep for this moment in the right way. 

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