The Role of Testing in a Post-Pandemic World

8.45 am to 01.00 pm CT,
26 August 2022

The landscape of

software testing in 2022

Software testing goes

beyond simply eliminating defects

Software testing

benefits in SDLC

Role of AI, IoT, automated testing

and cloud computing in testing & QA

Strong need for testing in healthcare, banking and financial services,

retail and e-commerce, and, e-learning

A new generation of emerging testing methods and technologies is expected to gain traction in the software testing market, opening new opportunities

Essentialness of keeping abreast with technological advancements to support a wide range of software testing requirements

Understanding the technological shift in QA arena – past, present and future

Learn about the impact of digital technologies on QA testing

Benefits for software development teams and various industries

Major trends in QA testing likely to receive prominence in 2022

AI/Ml, Scriptless test automation, Visual AI, and Blockchain in the software testing space

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26 August 2022 (8.45 am to 01.00 pm CT)
08:45 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


09:00 am
Aganda 2

2022 Testing Trends

-By Mukund Wangikar, Vice President, InfoVision Inc (Keynote Speaker)

Increase of positivity in the world of Quality Assurance. Acceleration in Quality transformation is visible across the board, directly attributing to the resilience shown by the IT and Quality teams in the face of the COVID crisis. InfoVision is always ahead of curve in providing innovative solutions. Mukund will talk about the Quality Engineering roadmap and the path ahead. It will be the window to peep into the future.


09:30 am
Aganda 2

How to Utilize Cloud Testing to Master Shift Left and Right Testing 

-By Eran Kinsbruner, Chief DevOps Evangelist, Perforce Software 

The recent pandemic has thought us few lessons around digital winners and laggards. It is known that to master continuous testing teams ought to be shifting left and right their test automation, however, this objective is harder when teams are separated, platforms under tests are not always available, and scale is top of mind. Cloud testing has huge benefits around security, scalability, cross-team collaboration and much more. Joint Eran Kinsbruner, DevOps Chief Evangelist and Author from Perfecto and BlazeMeter by Perforce as he shares real world practices that enables shift-left and right using cloud testing for web and mobile apps.


10:00 am
Aganda 6

Post Pandemic: Testing world 

Panel Discussion
– Sameer Nagpal, CBO, InfoVision (Moderator)
– Mukund Wangikar, Vice President, InfoVision Inc (Co-Moderator)
– Priyanka Sharma, Director QA, Davita
– Chris Loder, QA Automation Manager, Upland Software
– Johanna South, Associate Director of QA, Automation and Performance Engineering – Emerging Technologies, Humana
– Jeffrey Besse, Director of IT, Staples Stores
– Jyoti Mittal, Director Quality Engineering, TreviPay


11:30 am
Aganda 2

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Automated Test Data and Environment Management

-By Dilhan Manawadu, Director of Software Quality Engineering & Development Platform, Sysco Corporation

The post-pandemic world has created new business opportunities for enterprises to explore and grow market share and reach new customer segments. Most of these opportunities for enterprises would be created through leveraging technology and driving digital transformation. Data in this equation becomes the fuel that runs digital enterprises and becomes pivotal in bringing agility, speed, and quality to technology delivery. In an eco-system in this context, merely automating software testing, performance, and CI/CD pipelines would not be sufficient to drive the digital assurance that enterprises require. New demand will be created and needed to automate data generation for testing and create elasticity for test environment management. In this session, we will examine the need, challenges, and strategies while automating test data & environment management and how these new capabilities could benefit the digital transformation and bring productivity to enterprise technology delivery.


12:00 pm
Aganda 2

Testing Automation is More Necessary in this Remote World

-By Stacy Wyatt, Director of Quality Assurance, Beyond Finance 

Working in a traditional office you get to see your co-workers and teammates, overhear feedback while getting lunch, and jump into a hack session in the conference room. All of that was altered when the Pandemic hit and most software development companies went fully remote. We are now in a place where the feedback may be slower, alternate timezones may affect meeting opportunities, and in general, the ability to release software updates slowed down substantially. We as software testers found ourselves in an even more bottleneck position than before. This is where automation steps in and saves the day! By building, updating, and maintaining a full automated suite, we can instantly give feedback, and increase confidence in a release. Sounds so easy, so let’s discuss how this looks and feels in real life.


12:30 pm
Aganda 2

Product Engineering

-By Nikhil Desai, Head of Product Engineering, Earnest

Great software product development typically requires a seamless collaboration across Product, Design, and Engineering teams. With this in mind, we have been on a journey to level up our product development efforts including rebranding our “Engineers” to be “Product Engineers”. Compared to a traditional software engineer, a “Product Engineer” is someone who believes that their time is best utilized understanding the needs of our customers and then working to build the best solutions. In this talk, I plan to quickly walk us through this journey of rebranding our engineering team, making tactical changes at the team level and tell you (the audience) about how this journey has been for us so far.


12:50 pm
Aganda 1

Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot