Unleashing the Power of Salesforce for Comprehensive Population Health Management

11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT,
14 June 2024

360-degree view of patients

Aggregate and integrate patient data from disparate sources providing insights into patient’s history, health status, and social determinants of health.

Predictive analytics

Helps in identifying individuals at high risk for adverse health outcomes.

Risk stratification

Providers can intervene with targeted interventions and care management programs to mitigate risks and improve outcomes.

Care coordination and collaboration

Shared care plans, task assignments, and secure messaging enable healthcare professionals to work together, ensuring continuity of care and addressing patient’s holistic needs.

Patient engagement

Patient portals, mobile apps, and telehealth platforms ensure personalized patient engagement.

Population health analytics and reporting

Provide actionable insights for informed decision-making and continuous quality improvement.

Population health management interventions can lead to a 25% reduction in hospital admissions and a 30% decrease in emergency department visits.

80% of healthcare executives believe that population health management is essential for improving the quality of care and reducing healthcare costs.

Healthcare Analytics

Health Data Integration

Value-based Care

Care Coordination

Chronic Disease Management

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14June 2024 (11.00 am to 12.30 pm CT)
11:00 am
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Introduction of Speakers

Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


11:05 am
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Healthcare Evolved: Salesforce’s Role in Comprehensive Population Health

Panel Discussion
– Anthony DiPietro, Director, InfoVision (Moderator)
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12:25 pm
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Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot